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Every one of your staff can be an expert in crime fiction or gardening using Bookmine. Enables you to leverage the expertise in your book business so that everyone can use it. 
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BookMine – Overview of features


BookMine POS Plus


Bookmine POS Plus is the core application required to run any version of BookMine. The Bookmine Marketing and the Enterprise versions are built by adding modules to BookMine POS Plus.


Some features of BookMine POS Plus:

§         Full Contact/Customer and Inventory control

§         Extensive invoicing features and intuitive tracking interface.

§         Full management of accounts receivable, including statements via email

§         Tracking of financials relating to purchase orders and returns.

§         Easy to use Point of Sale interface (POS) (barcode scan and auto add to invoices) with the ability to carry out full inventory search or Bookdata search.  Ability to carry out full customer maintenance. Sell to the counter customer or link the activity to a customer record

§         Fully automated Customer rewards programs. Specify the conditions to suit your requirements

§         Lay-by recording and tracking

§         Extensive Mail order style interface to speed web and mail order processing

§         Manage customer special orders, requests and hold

§         One click update all your Online Book Stores, such as ABE,, Aibris and others that you list your inventory on for sale. Update you own web site using the same mechanism.

§         Output catalogue and selections of records direct to Word, Excel or any other format. Output any set of records to single or multi-tiered, inter-linked Web pages, with consistent look and feel, ready for sending to your web site.

§         Custom stationery (envelopes, invoices, parcel labels) production

§         Fully configurable output specification based on user defined templates that can be used again and again. Specify the fields and field order and formatting l via an intuitive user interface. Create as many reusable templates as you require or just use the standard ones provided.

§         Supply chain management allows you to set up multiple suppliers for each inventory item, setting primary and active flags for them to control how orders are placed with them. Numerous properties are available to specify exchange rates, supplier level and item level discounts, exchange rates for importing, returns dates, reorder warning quantities, minimum order values and many more features. These values are automatically applied along with other properties, such as quantity on hand, to provide candidates for reordering.

§         Extensive onscreen ToolTips available for all commands and context sensitive help to empower your staff and drastically reduce training time.

§         And much, more…



BookMine is fully integrated with Nielsen Bookdata Compact World DVD and Nielsen BookFind Online bibliographic databases, enabling search and import of inventory and publisher/distributor information from within BookMine (requires relevant license for bibliographic database).  Integrated access to Bookfind Online from BookMine requires a license from Nielsen Bookdata and attracts a yearly fee of AU$512 from InfoMining. This is an optional component.


BookMine Marketing:


Includes all the features of BookMine POS Plus along with:

§         Integrated Messaging

§         File Management

§         Calendar

§         Tasks module

§         Unlimited distribution list handling for marketing campaigns


Messaging/File Management/Calendar/Tasks:


Bookmine marketing provides fully integrated multi-user, secure email, ideal for small to medium sized enterprises. It features auto association (linking) of incoming emails from known addresses; extensive distribution list handling (ideal for controlling and managing direct marketing campaigns to your existing customers). Integrated file and document management (provides an integrated framework to store and retrieve files of any type, accessed via either Stock or Contacts records for intuitive retrieval and manipulation. Never lose a file again); full calendar/task handling all integrated with your customer records. This module is ideal for day to day handling of emails and for managing large, targeted marketing campaigns via email.


This module is available as an optional add-on for BookMine POS Plus for AU$4,750. It is included with BookMine Marketing and the Enterprise versions.

BookMine Enterprise:


All the features of BookMine Marketing together with numerous functions for bulk handling operations. These include importing data and images from any external listing in a row column format (such as suppliers inventory listings in Excel, CSV, etc), bulk data manipulation based on sales summaries, bulk invoicing, bulk transfers to other locations and much more. The enterprise version is suitable for medium sized bookshops and distributors that wish to speed up every aspect of data entry, invoicing, receipting and dispatching of goods.

An example of a feature that will save you months of expensive data entry and setting up of supplier condition records is the Enterprise Import functions. With this feature you can automatically generate your inventory records directly from your suppliers’ listings. All you require is a regularly formatted listing from the supplier with the ISBNs/EANs, the cost or RRP and discount. From these listings Bookmine will import the list, find all matches to existing records in your inventory and optionally create new records for the unmatched to be imported. If the listings have images associated with them, these will also be imported and linked to your inventory records.


These new records will then be optionally enhanced from Bookdata bibliographic listings. Supply conditions will be set up for new records and updated for existing records being imported. You have complete control over which records are actually imported by reviewing the import queue before proceeding.  This import feature alone will enable you to build on your existing inventory or even create it from scratch in a very short time. No longer have staff time wasted on mechanical processes. Give them the freedom to be more creative, generating new business on your behalf.