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Bookmine for Booksellers/Distributors : everything you require a single package.

1. What operating systems are Bookmine compatible with

TestimonialsBookmine is compatible with all versions of Windows XP,  Windows Vista and Windows 7. 

2. Computer system requirements.

Bookmine will run on any computer that is capable of running Word for Windows at a comfortable pace. Typical
requirements are 500MBytes of memory, 80 GByte disk and clock speed on single core processor above 2.0GHz.
In reality any modern computer will have more than the required specifications to run Bookmine.
If you intend to run other programs such as Word and Excel, it is advisable to get 1 GBytes of main memory.

3. Web site integration - how does it happen?

Keeping your in-house data secure from attack via the Internet is paramount and for this reason we recommend a separate hosted web site that is automatically updated from your in-house records. However, if you wish, you can have your web site connected directly to your data but be aware that simple Denial of Service attacks can cause your system to become unresponsive or worse corrupt your in-house data.
Bookmine provides extensive functionality that helps you to micro-manage your listing on your web site as part of your daily tasks. Updates are reflected on your site at the click of a button. We use the UIEE format to communicate with the web front end. This includes managing all bibliographic data and images (multiple per record). If required we can alter the feeds to comply with almost any format.
Hosting your own web site is not recommended for several reasons the most important being the requirements it places on your in-house IT support to be up to speed on all the latest patching and threats. Why not outsource and leave it to the experts - you save time and it costs a fraction of hosting in-house. In addition the requirement to provide high speed data connections to cater for peak traffic is not a problem.
We can recommend hosting for as little as $6.00/month.