Expert System
Every one of your staff can be an expert in crime fiction or gardening using Bookmine. Enables you to leverage the expertise in your book business so that everyone can use it. 
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BookMine Training


After initial training you can learn as you go, at your own pace. All commands are visible on the desktop. No searching through hidden, multi level menus for commands and options. In addition Bookmine has extensive online help that is kept up to date with all the latest functionality and insights gained from users.

Extensive Tooltips let you know what any command will do when the cursor lingers on a field or button. (Can be enabled/disabled as desired.) Extensive data validation prevents errors creeping into your valuable contact and inventory records.

Numerous user generated drop down selection lists help you and your staff to standardize the entries for keywords, publishers, places, addresses, user interests, user types, catalogue sections, departments and many, many more. Type once, entries auto complete from then on. Automatically validates entries. Allowed value lists grow if a match is not found and you agree to create a new one.


Training Courses

 Training courses can be arranged at any time to provide new staff with basic training or to extend the skills of experienced staff who want to extend their skills. Even after years of use Bookmine can surprise users with its versatility and capabilities. To ensure that you are getting the best from your investment we can organise training to suit individuals or groups of users. Contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can tailor training sessions to address them.